Dire Noise Music is an independent musician-funded studio and events collective that focuses on producing and hosting underground artists of all genres. We are always looking for people to write, record and perform music with.

Music Studio

We provide a safe, productive and exciting creative space for local artists. From tracking demos to collaborative writing sessions, we work on any and all musical and audio projects.

Instrument tracking and mixing

We provide instrument recording services for all instrument types and musical genres. Whether it to ghost track with virtual instruments to live instruments for your album, we have a solution for you.

Vocal tracking and mixing

We provided an isolated vocal booth for singing, spoken-word and podcasting vocals. Our space allows for clear monitoring, space to explore different techniques, and on-site assistance with writing and recording.

Live drum tracking and rehearsal space

Track your drums in an acoustic-treated space without the stress of time and neighbours. Our performance space is air-conditioned, well-lit and directly linked to the control-room of the studio. Drum tracking and rehearsing prices are based on hours needed and equipment required.
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