ghast (ɡɑːst)

to terrify

Ghast is a newly formed metal and hardcore band from Gqeberha, South Africa. Having played in several local bands in the Bay over the years, Justin Steyn (drums), Clint Brown (vocals), Matt Gracie (guitars, vocals, piano), and Barry Killian (guitars) reconnected during the COVID-19 crisis to write and record music together after years of inactivity, as a way to musically vent during extended periods of isolation. What started as a quick, three-track demo over Telegram turned into the full-length album called Dawn.

Inspired by Lovecraftian horror and other occultish stories of the cleansing dawn, the album seeks to capture the sentiments and reactions towards mindless austerity and corporate violence, and to beckon the impending social and environmental blow back from the needless pillaging of our planet, and the continued acceptance of abject poverty as a necessary consequence of 'human progress'.

Ghast hopes to be a creative vessel for the members to reconnect with the Gqeberha and South African music scenes.

Dawn was released the 9th of May 2021 will be available for free as a digital download. They have also released a split E.P. with another Gqerberha hardcore and metal outfit, Boiling Point, which is also available for free at

Thanks for taking an interest in Ghast, and we wish you all the best during these difficult times.

Any enquiries, comments or bar-room insults can be directed at


Clinton Brown (Vocals)

Matthew Gracie (Guitars)

Barry Killian (Guitars)

Justin Steyn (Drums)

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