Fast, low-tuned deathcore from Gqeberha, South Africa.

Ghast is a deathcore band from Gqeberha, South Africa. Their sound blends low-tuned deathcore, death metal, and hardcore, with touches of thrash, grind, and metalcore. The band's music is themed around environmental collapse and the various traumas of life under systems of austerity, institutional oppression, and social hatred birthed in misinterpreted religious values and class warfare. Formed in 2021, Ghast has been committed to creating hard-hitting music with a meaningful message. After releasing their debut album Dawn, and split EP with their hometown brothers in Boiling Point, they focused on creating powerful, engaging live performances - subsequently gaining a dedicated following of friends who appreciate their unapologetic approach to heavy music. Ghast aims to follow up on their debut with a full-length come mid-2023.
“[LAWLESS] moves at a breakneck pace between blasting fury and massive grooves, leaving no neck unbroken by the end.”, “With the aforementioned in tow, Ghast remain their own unique entity and will lay siege to your being with their blistering assault on ignorance and separatist rhetoric. Listen and burn!”